God’s Word isn’t meant to be confined within the four walls of your church – it’s intended to reach the farthest corners of the earth. Now, more than ever before in history, your message has the potential to reach a larger audience with the good news of the Gospel. And it’s never been more crucial or necessary.

Artificial intelligence is an incredible asset with the potential to significantly amplify the impact of your ministry, rendering it more inclusive, accessible, and engaging. But where do you start, and how do you choose between the growing number of AI options out there? We’ve got you covered. Read on for an introduction to these four AI tools that can enhance and broaden your Sunday sermons’ reach:

  • Captions
  • Eightify
  • Rev
  • Canva

Join us as we navigate the unprecedented blend of technology and faith, delving into how AI use can amplify your ministry’s message that God has instilled in your hearts.


The introductory tool on our list is Captions. Captions brings you AI support for every part of the video creation process.

This tool isn’t just user-friendly; it’ designed for leveraging both mobile and desktop platforms to help you create top-notch video content in mere minutes. Stepping beyond its core functionality, Captions provides you with an array of innovative features tailored for your outreach needs. Key among these include a versatile caption and subtitle generator, which is compatible with videos in any format – a capability that ensures your messages are accessible to a wider, linguistically diverse audience.

Additionally, Captions offers a nimble editing toolset, enabling you to seamlessly add jump cuts to create a more dynamic visual experience and emphasize key moments in your sermon, highlighting their significance. This handy tool also hosts a plethora of other impactful and easy-to-use options designed to further enhance your video content. With its intuitive design and broad set of functionalities, Captions doesn’t just scale your video content game; it elevates it to remarkable new heights.

From fostering inclusivity via language accessibility to bringing in visual dynamism and clarity, Captions truly embodies the power of AI in augmenting sermon experiences.


Top Use Cases for Churches:

  • Amplify the impact of your teaching moments across social media platforms by incorporating captions and leveraging the advanced editing tools.
  • Transform full-length sermons into engaging content by simply adding the YouTube URL allowing tool to create shorts.

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One of our favorite browser extensions is Eightify. Eightify generates summaries of YouTube videos in seconds using ChatGPT.

This inventive AI-driven extension seamlessly integrates with your Google Chrome and Safari browsers. Built upon the formidable capabilities of ChatGPT, Eightify’s key functionality is its ability to quickly distill and summarize comprehensive YouTube videos into concise, digestible capsules of content, all within mere seconds.

However, Eightify is not just a summarizer; it brings in more granular detail by identifying and capturing eight pivotal insights from your videos and kindly stamps them with timestamps. This compact yet comprehensive descriptor, along with the timestamped highlights, serves a dual purpose:

  • First, it enriches your descriptions, adding value for your audience by giving them a snapshot of your video’s key contents
  • Second, it astutely boosts your SEO performance.

The former leads to enhanced viewer engagement while the latter boosts your visibility on search engines.

In the increasingly formatting-precise world of SEO, Eightify stands out by not just streamlining the content summarization process, but also significantly enhancing SEO reach potential, thereby opening doors to a larger audience base, and extending the depth and breadth of your sermons’ impact.


Top Use Cases for Churches:

  • Generate an impactful summary of sermons and their key insights for use in descriptions.
  • Enhance user experience and navigation of weekend service videos by applying timestamps.
  • Utilize key insights to repurpose content on social media, website, and provide a recap of the sermon in the following weekend.

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Entering the spotlight next is Rev*, a ground-breaking transcription tool that is truly a game changer in how we process audio or video content. Within minutes, Rev can transform your audio or video content into text that is not only 90%+ accurate, but is also easy to read and comprehend. This rapid transcription feature breathes new life into your precious content, granting it a more flexible and accessible format.

Does your church deliver an impactful weekend sermon? With Rev, it’s not confined to the memory of your congregation or the audience who were physically present. Rev can instantly transcribe your entire sermon as soon as it’s over, ready to be dispersed across a range of platforms. From YouTube to Facebook, Podcast platforms, or any other distribution methods you utilize to proliferate your church’s message, Rev provides all the copy you need. It aids in making your sermons searchable, thereby significantly helping in SEO optimization. Rev also allows the deaf or hard-of-hearing members of your community to engage with your sermons in a meaningful way.

Neither limited by internet speeds nor daunted by sermon length, Rev faithfully reproduces the spoken word into text, swiftly and precisely. It is, indisputably, an invaluable asset in your toolkit as you aim to extend your ministry’s reach and ensure your message resonates far and wide.


Top Use Cases for Churches:

  • Ask questions about transcript in Rev Chat and uncover highlights, quotes, and focuses.
  • Utilize the Summary tool to generate 1-2 sentence descriptions.

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Last, and probably the most popular of all the previously mentioned tools, is Canva. Transitioning from simplistic graphic design to being at the forefront of AI-driven content creation, Canva has elevated itself to a distinctive place in the creative toolset. Seamlessly blending form and function, it no longer merely supports in crafting exquisite graphic designs; it now empowers you with a spectrum of potent generative AI tools to masterfully create captivating video, audio, and language content.

Combining art and intelligence, Canva emerges as more than a simple design tool. It is your creative partner in narrating the profound messages of your ministry to a worldwide audience.


Canva Generative Design

Canva Generative Text

Canva Generative Video

Boost Your Sermon’s Reach with AI

Artificial intelligence can amplify the reach and impact of your ministry’s message, making it more inclusive and accessible than ever. Utilizing AI tools, it is possible to greatly enhance your Sunday sermons’ reach, uniting faith with technology to spread the Gospel’s good news in extensive ways.



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