Learn the positive impact of artificial intelligence on church growth with host Cassandra Robinson and guest Nils Smith.
The AI for Churches Podcast
Ep 5: Revitalizing Church Growth: AI, Mindset, and the Human Connection with Nils Smith

Episode Summary

Cassandra Robinson welcomes you to a riveting chat with Nils Smith, the innovation guru at Dunham and Company. Together, they dive deep into the crossroads of faith, innovation, and technology, focusing specifically on how AI and mindset changes can enhance the church experience.

Understanding and Embracing New Tech in the Church

Nils sparks the conversation by stressing how essential it is for us all to understand and embrace cutting-edge tech like AI. He shares his hands-on experiences, showing just how accessible AI has become, thanks to tools like ChatGPT and Jarvis. Together, Cassandra and Nils examine why we all need to shift our mindset to welcome these new tech advancements and use them ethically.

Turning AI Into a Sermon-Writing Assistant

In a heartfelt discussion, they delve into the challenges pastors often face in crafting their sermons. But don’t worry, tech can lend a hand! They explain how AI can help refine the sermon preparation process, serving as an assistant rather than taking over the job entirely.

Navigating the Ethical Maze of AI

Our hosts don’t shy away from the tough stuff. They confront the ethical quandaries that advanced tech like Deepfake can present, including the risk of scams from dodgy social media accounts.

AI Impact: Enhancing the Church Experience, Not Replacing Jobs

Cassandra and Nils look to the future, imagining how AI could revolutionize everything from worship services to building management. But they also offer a note of caution: we need to ensure we’re using AI wisely, to enhance our work in the church, not to replace people’s roles.

Embracing Tech: Expanding the Church’s Global Reach

There’s no denying the global power of technology. Our hosts reflect on how social media connects believers around the world and how expanding internet access in regions like Africa is making this even more possible. They encourage church leaders to embrace technology’s potential to amplify their ministries.

AI’s Role in Advancing the Gospel

To wrap up, Cassandra and Nils explore the positive impact AI could have on the church, emphasizing the importance of seeing AI as a helper, not a replacement. After all, we’re on a journey to understand and leverage the power of AI in our churches, and every step brings us closer to realizing its potential. Tune in to join us on this exciting adventure!

Notable Quotes

  • Nils at [00:10:59] – “A.I. is like God’s grace – seemingly too simple, yet profoundly transformative. Embrace the power of technology and leverage it responsibly to honor God.”
  • Nils at [11:01] – “Just as the gospel offers salvation through grace, A.I. offers solutions through simplicity. Let’s not shy away from advancements; instead, let’s use them responsibly to impact lives positively.”
  • Nils at [00:20:50] – “AI is like a powerful assistant, not a substitute for authentic ministry. Embrace the potential it offers, but remember that only human-to-human connections can truly transform lives.”

Episode Highlights

  • (01:44) Introduction to Nils and his experience with A.I.
  • (03:57) Navigating the adoption of new technologies: Fast adoption vs slow adoption
  • (06:09) Balancing investment in new tech
  • (09:44) The challenges of adopting new technologies
  • (11:29) The ethical dilemmas faced by pastors leveraging AI and technology
  • (22:23) Stewardship and AI
  • (26:30) The future of AI in churches
  • (30:06) The impact of AI on job changes
  • (32:43) Adopting a growth mindset
  • (41:44) AI as a tool for sharing the gospel
  • (43:22) Using AI to love God and others

Join us as we embrace AI in the church and explore its potential to deepen our understanding of God and enhance our ability to love others. 

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