Ep. 7: Amen for AI: Leveraging ChatGPT for Church Communications & Outreach with Katie Allred
The AI for Churches Podcast
Ep 7: Amen for AI: Leveraging ChatGPT for Church Communications & Outreach with Katie Allred

Episode Overview

Join host Cassandra Robinson and Katie Allred, an AI expert who has been using tools like ChatGPT to assist churches in organizing information and generating content, as they discuss the benefits of ChatGPT in streamlining content organization and enhancing communication and outreach efforts for churches.

AI as a Personal Assistant

Katie shared her journey with AI tools, particularly ChatGPT, which she describes as a personal assistant that improves over time with more input. It’s been a game-changer in streamlining content organization and enhancing communication efforts.

AI in the Church Landscape

Katie has been using ChatGPT for about a year now, and it’s transformed the way she handles tasks like transcription, making the process quicker and more efficient. She also mentioned other AI tools like Sermon Shots, Opus Clips, and Riverside that can help generate sermon clips faster.

AI for Outreach

Cassandra and Katie discussed how churches can leverage AI for social media, outreach, communication plans, marketing campaigns, and even replying to emails. The possibilities are endless!

AI and the Human Touch

Cassandra and Katie addressed the fear of AI replacing the personal elements in sermons. While AI can generate ideas and information, it cannot replace the personal touch that is necessary for a compelling sermon. Remember, life changes happen in the context of relationships.

Challenges and Opportunities

Cassandra and Katie also touched on the challenges churches may face when implementing AI tools and how to overcome them. AI tools will continue to evolve and improve, empowering and enhancing our work rather than replacing jobs.

Ethical Use of AI

Cassandra and Katie emphasized the importance of using AI tools like ChatGPT in an ethical and responsible way. As Christians, it’s up to us to leverage these tools for good and trust in the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

The Future of AI

There are exciting possibilities and empowerment that AI can bring to the church community. There is a need to explore AI tools like ChatGPT rather than ignoring them out of fear or hesitation.

Notable Quotes

  • Katie at [02:35] – “AI is like having a personal assistant to help you organize your information. It can come up with some great information, but the more you feed it, the better it will be.”
  • Katie at [12:37] – “Sermons really require a personal element because God works through you and because that’s just how people are changed. Life changes happen in the context of relationships. It doesn’t happen any other way.”

Episode Highlights

  • (03:08) Katie’s experience using ChatGPT and other AI tools for church transcription and sermon preparation
  • (07:43) How churches can leverage ChatGPT for social media and outreach
  • (14:09) The challenges of implementing AI tools in churches
  • (15:11) The future of AI tools in the next 1–10 years
  • (19:14 Embracing AI as a tool for positive impact
  • (23:18) Ethical and responsible use of AI tools like ChatGPT, guided by the Holy Spirit
  • (24:18) Maintaining human and spiritual elements in church communications while leveraging tools like ChatGPT
  • (26:19) Advice for churches considering using ChatGPT

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