AI for Churches 101 Cohort


A 6-Session Cohort Introducing All Things AI for Church Ministry

Wondering Where to Start with AI?  Start Here

Every church leader is hearing a lot about AI.  In fact, it’s probably overwhelming and you’re not even sure where to start.

We’ve developed a 6-session cohort to help you get started with including AI into your church ministry.

How it Works

Once you sign up, we’ll send you all the info you need to get started.

We’ll meet once a month starting after Easter, with a limit of 10 people per cohort.

Your Teachers

David Thorne

David works for Missional Marketing and has been researching the use of AI within the church context for the last year. He helped lead the team that has developed SermonSpark, an AI-powered tool to help pastors with their sermon prep process.

Katie Allred

Katie is a co-founder of the Church Communications Group on Facebook, a large and growing group of church communicators. She’s also the author of multiple books, including Church Communications: Methods and Marketing

AI for Churches 101 Cohort Details

Cohort Description:

This course explores the emerging world of artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential impact on the church community. Through hands-on learning with accessible AI platforms like ChatGPT,,, Bing Create, and Canva, we’ll delve into practical applications for ministry, outreach, and personal reflection. We’ll also discuss the ethical considerations and theological implications of AI, equipping you with a thoughtful perspective on this rapidly evolving technology.

Cohort Objectives:

  • Understand the basic concepts and terminology of AI.
  • Develop a framework to discuss AI applications with your congregation.
  • Explore the capabilities of key AI platforms like ChatGPT,,, Bing, and Canva.
  • Apply AI tools for ministry tasks like editing, image generation, and 
  • Develop critical thinking skills to analyze the ethical implications and theological questions related to AI.
  • Foster open dialogue and collaboration within the church community about the role of AI in faith life.

Cohort Format:

  • A blend of lectures, interactive activities, hands-on workshops, and group discussions.
  • Each session will focus on a specific AI platform and its applications for churches.
  • Participants will have ample time to experiment with the tools and explore their potential.
  • We’ll meet once a month with a limit of 10 people per cohort.

Technology requirements:

Computer, access to the internet, willingness to sign up for multiple free platforms. 

Module 0:

Setting up Chat GPT, Claude,, and, Canva.


Meeting 1:

Welcome + Connections

  • Getting to know each other
  • Share your AI story
  • What is generative AI? 
  • Platform overview

Meeting 2:

Ethics + Responding to
Congregational Concerns

  • Understanding ethical issues at play with AI. 
  • Developing a framework for the ethical use of AI. 
  • Understanding common congregant concerns regarding AI.

Meeting 3:

Prompt Engineering 101 +
Identifying Useful AI Tasks 

  • Understanding the basics of a quality prompt.
  • Exploring personas.
  • Discovering useful AI resources for common church tasks.

Meeting 4:

Intro to AI for Image Generation 

  • Exploring the available platforms.
  • Understanding the limits of AI image generation.
  • Learn how to create an effective prompt.

Meeting 5:

Intro to AI  for Sermon Preparation

  • Getting a sermon transcript
  • Learning how to form your sermon prompt in Claude
  • Best practices in sermon reach using AI

Meeting 6:

Wrap-up + Sharing Other Useful Platforms

  • Creating AI sermon reels
  • Replicating your voice + image
  • Addressing other topics not yet discussed

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