The AI for Churches Podcast
The AI for Churches Podcast
Ep 11: How AI Personas Impact Church Branding and Messaging with Barbara Carneiro

Episode Overview

Word Revolution senior strategist and founder Barbara Carneiro takes the AI for Churches podcast on a deep dive into AI’s pivotal role in helping churches build their brands through persona creation. The hosts Pastor Bart Blair and Pastor David Thorne, Ed.D., also introduce new viable AI tools that streamline one’s video content optimization and dissection efforts.

Efficient AI Tools for Video Dissection and Optimization

Whether it’s generating snippets, transcribing meetings, or making sense of video clips, Simplified, tl;dv, and Twelve Labs are revolutionary AI tools designed to give you exceptional results. Tune into the podcast as Bart and David share their thoughts about them.

An Eye-Opening Chat With Barbara Carneiro, Word Revolution Founder

To cap off the episode, David has an insightful conversation with Word Revolution founder Barbara Carneiro about AI optimization through the lens of branding. They explore the core mission of Word Revolution, the importance of persona creation and finding a church identity, and how AI elevates these processes.


Notable Quotes

  • Barbara at [30:14] – “I believe a big component of the identity of churches is to understand what is their archetype, like how are they portraying themselves? From a branding standpoint, I don’t think churches should all fall in the same category.” 
  • Barbara at [35:19] – “When you’re engaging with AI, you have to see it as a conversation.”
  • Barbara at [41:17] – “AI has humanized our audiences in a way that we haven’t done before.”
  • David at [45:42] – “AI systems can understand huge amounts of information.” 
  • Barbara at [48:40] – “There’s a good chance that when you’re preparing your messages, you’re already thinking about people.
  • Barbara at [54:08] – “I think it would be revolutionary if you start thinking about the conversations that you can have with something that is representing the people outside of your church walls”
  • Barbara at [56:21] – “I believe that there would be great power when churches can live out unapologetically who they are.”

Episode Highlights

  • (2:22) New developments in the AI world
  • (12:59) Bart and David’s picks for useful AI tools for video dissection and optimization
  • (21:22) Intro to Barbara Carneiro
  • (28:28) Word Revolution’s philosophy in relation to branding
  • (34:52) Persona creation in the perspective of AI
  • (47:33) How persona creation via AI enhances church leaders’ weekly operations


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