The AI for Churches Podcast
The AI for Churches Podcast
Ep. 14: Can a Chatbot Really Be Well-Versed in the Bible with Chase Cappo

Episode Overview

Joining the AI for Churches podcast, BibleChat AI Co-Founder Chase Cappo discusses groundbreaking innovations for enhancing spiritual counseling in the Church, alongside the ongoing discourse on AI’s place in this realm. Hosts Pastor Bart Blair and Pastor David Thorne, Ed.D., also share their experiences and thoughts about Fathom: an innovative AI note-taking tool revolutionizing meeting comprehension.

Introducing Fathom: A Game-Changing AI-Powered Meeting Notes Tool

Comprehending team meetings isn’t just about listening; it’s the key to unlocking innovation, fostering unity, and driving collective success. And if you’re looking to streamline this process, turning to Fathom for AI-assisted note-taking puts you in a better position to see optimal results! Tune into this episode as Pastors Bart and David share their experiences and personal takes on this tool.

Exploring Innovations in Spiritual Guidance With Chase Cappo

David Thorne explores the intersection of technology and spirituality in a chat with Chase Cappo, Co-Founder of They discuss the development of a Christian GPT model to counter secular biases in AI, the introduction of Faith Assistant for churches seeking customized doctrinal perspectives, and the ongoing debate about AI’s role in spiritual counseling, addressing concerns and potentials for the future.

Notable Quotes


    • Chase at [32:04] – “Dozens of people that have written out their professions of faith and have come to believe in Jesus through the Holy Spirit using our AI.”
    • Chase at [33:34]: “AI is just the next manifestation of technology.”
    • Chase at [35:38] – “No matter what the venue––if you’re reading in a magazine or on your phone or computer via AI––the Word of God will not return void. And if we can infuse Biblical verses verbatim as well as put those verses into conversations with you, then the spirits going to do something”
    • Chase at [38:13] – “We believe that [AI] is a tool that brings the word of God into digital darkness and that light. And if there’s any shame and embarrassment used by the enemy, well, we’re going to wash it with the Word of God in AI.“
    • Chase at [47:47] – “We want to put [Christian GPT] in service to ministries because if not, then chat GPT will answer these kinds of questions.“

Episode Highlights

  • (1:12) About AI Avatar-Assisted Content
  • (6:28) Introducing AI Meeting Assistant tool Fathom
  • (22:44) Intro to Chase Cappo & His Innovations
  • (31:03) About BibleChat
  • (33:03) AI’s Role in Spiritual Counseling
  • (40:58) About LLM and Christian ChatGPT
  • (49:35) How Faith Assistant Fits into the Use of Christian GPT


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