The AI for Churches Podcast
The AI for Churches Podcast
Ep.17: AI Automation and Custom GPT's for Churches | Rob Laughter

Episode Overview

Rob Laughter, digital creator and certified AI savant, joins the AI for Churches Podcast for an
enlightening discussion on AI-assisted automation and its practical applications in the Church.
Hosts Bart Blair and Pastor David Thorne, Ed.D., also unveil two innovative AI tools, Castmagic and

The Sentient Shift: Confronting AI’s Looming Transformation

Bart and David dive into a thought-provoking discussion on the seemingly impending sentience of AI,
highlighting key and controversial dialogues that will likely emerge from both practical and
Christian perspectives. Catch all the action by tuning into this episode.

Understanding the Game-Changing Fusion of AI and Automation With Rob Laughter

David Thorne picks the brain of Rob Laughter on the practical applications of AI-assisted
automation in the Church. Together, they explore Rob’s philosophies on automation, the cutting-edge
capabilities of custom GPTs, and how to seamlessly integrate them with workflow tools like Asana
and Make to streamline tasks. Additionally, they discuss Rob’s AI support community, the AI

Notable Quotes

● Rob at [23:15] – “I’ve always been an early adopter of cool things, and I’ve always been a
creative at heart. But I also kind of have the split brain – I’m a creative and I’ve got a
technical aptitude where I like to tinker with things.”
● Rob at [33:35] – “Learning how to really effectively prompt ChatGPT is a challenge in itself if
you’re not used to using it. But then learning how to kind of write instructions and then do the
technical piece on the custom GPTs is a bit of a learning curve.”
● Rob at [41:10] – “[I]n almost every situation, whether it’s just using chat GPT straight or
doing things like automating tasks, I advocate thinking about AI as if it’s an intern.”
● Rob at [46:55] – “AI works in concepts, not specific words.”
● Rob at [59:01] – “The thing about this area of technology – LLMs, image generation, audio
generation, video generation – all of it is really the same technology rearranged. The progress and
innovation within this space is in two areas. It’s not in the technology
itself – it’s in the quality of the model that’s created.”

● Rob at [1:02:34] – “[T]here’s a large portion of the population that’s averse to even the idea
of AI because they have an experience that they don’t know what it is and they fear it or they just
don’t understand it.”

Episode Highlights

● (2:12) What’s New in the AI World?
● (8:51) AI “Sentience” on the Horizon
● (22:27) Getting to Know Rob
● (25:57) What’s Keeping Rob Busy
● (32:18) More About Custom GPTs and Automation
● (39:27) Easy Ways for Pastors to Get Started With Automation
● (50:57) About the AI Collaborative
● (56:03) What Excites Rob About the Future of AI


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