The AI for Churches Podcast
The AI for Churches Podcast
Ep. 18: Embracing AI and Quantum Computing as Christians | Harold Heard

Bringing Technology and Faith Together for a Better Tomorrow.

Our goal is to empower church leaders (like you) to harness the power of artificial intelligence for sermon prep, outreach, worship and so much more! We do this by providing you with exclusive insights from AI experts, church leaders and innovators from around the globe who are actively leveraging AI to amplify the gospel and reach people for Christ.

Ep 11: How AI Personas Impact Church Branding and Messaging with Barbara Carneiro

By |2024-01-04T16:07:07-05:00January 5, 2024|

Word Revolution senior strategist and founder Barbara Carneiro takes the AI for Churches podcast on a deep dive into AI's pivotal role in helping churches build their brands through persona creation. The hosts Pastor Bart Blair and Pastor David Thorne, Ed.D., also introduce new viable AI tools that streamline one’s video content optimization and dissection efforts.

Ep. 10: Why Churches Should Value Technology in an AI World: David Kroll of Churchome

By |2023-12-19T16:28:51-05:00December 15, 2023|

In this AI for Churches episode, Churchome CEO David Kroll discusses the transformative impact of technology, specifically AI, in advancing the church's mission in a post-physical landscape. Hosted by Pastor Bart Blair and Pastor David Thorne, Ed.D., the episode opens with a lively discussion on cutting-edge AI video editing tools and their role in shaping the future of online services and sermon preparation.

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