The intricate stained-glass windows of medieval cathedrals. Modern-day sermon slides. Church-wide event graphics. Art remains a powerful tool for captivating minds, moving hearts, and enhancing the worship experience. But not all churches have access to professional graphic designers — nor the resources to create high-quality visuals in-house.

Until now. Image-creation AI tools are a game-changer for church leaders looking to up their creativity and tell a visual story. Thanks to AI-generated images, churches can easily create stunning visuals that complement their sermons, without breaking the bank.

The AI for Churches team regularly reviews artificial intelligence tools, ranking each on ease of use, quality of output, affordability, and more. For this blog, we searched through our dozens of reviews and picked four image-creation AI tools that can help you generate impactful worship imagery in just a few simple prompts. Read on to learn about:

  • Midjourney
  • Jasper
  • Canva
  • and Autodraw

Midjourney: Starts at $10 a month

First on the list is Midjourney, an AI-powered platform that transforms textual descriptions into high-quality images. Midjourney excels at producing both realistic and abstract styles, making it a versatile tool for churches. The best part? No artistic expertise or prior experience with a paintbrush is required. All you need to do is provide a brief textual representation of the image you envision, and the platform’s advanced AI algorithms will handle the intricate work for you.

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and with Midjourney, a simple phrase can spark the creation of a masterpiece. From designing artwork for sermon series to crafting engaging social media content and producing catchy thumbnail images, this platform does it all — in mere seconds.

Top Midjourney Use Cases for Churches:

  • Create compelling artwork for a sermon series, engaging your congregation and making each weekend memorable.
  • Design scroll-stopping social media content that grabs attention and fosters a meaningful connection with your followers.
  • Produce thumbnail images that are visually appealing, ensuring higher click-through rates and increased user engagement.

Pricing and details

Midjourney starts at $10 a month and offers a free trial. Read the AI for Churches team’s full evaluation here:

Jasper: $49 a month

Next up: Jasper.

Have you ever wished for an AI tool that could generate any art or image in a blink of an eye? Us too. And Jasper delivers. Jasper, an AI art generator, transforms your imagination into unique visuals in no time. With Jasper, delivering the perfect imagery to complement your message has never been easier. You can:

  • Access an intuitive art and image generator to swiftly create visuals aligned with your messages.
  • Use its very human-like chatbot conversation feature to help you through queries.
  • Save hours of searching through stock photo sites or struggling with Photoshop. Simply tell Jasper what you want, and it will craft unique AI art in seconds.

Top Jasper Use Cases for Churches:

  • Generate art and images that seamlessly align with your written content.
  • Create artwork for your upcoming event to increase sign ups and participation.

Pricing and details

Jasper is $49 a month and offers a free trial if you input your credit card information. Read the AI for Churches team’s full evaluation here:

Canva: $12 a month

Canva is likely the most well-known tool mentioned in this article.

A robust suite of graphic design tools, Canva allows for the creation of a wide array of visual content with ease. Canva’s intelligent AI tools can simplify and enrich your design process. Canva’s suite of generative design AI tools offer powerful ways to elevate your church’s creativity and enhance the overall quality of your designs. Whether you need assets for social media posts, weekend service slides, handouts or more, Canva’s powerful AI design tools can swiftly curate these resources, boosting the visual engagement of your church’s content.

Top Canva Use Cases for Churches:

  • With Magic Design, upload media of your worship team and allow the tool to create an extensive media package for your upcoming Night of Worship.
  • With Magic Eraser, easily remove unwanted or blurry elements from your weekend service photos.
  • With Magic Edit, simply describe the edits you want to make to your photos and designs, and let the tool do the heavy lifting.
  • With Magic Resize, create a single design for your upcoming teaching series, and then resize it for every platform with just one click.
  • With Text to Image, generate compelling artwork to use as your church’s blog thumbnails.

Pricing and details

Canva is $12 a month and offers a 30-day free trial if you input your credit card information. Read the AI for Churches team’s full evaluation here

Autodraw: Free

Last but not least: Autodraw.

This AI-powered art tool heightens the quality of your drawings using advanced machine learning. As you sketch, the AI insightfully anticipates the image you’re striving to create and presents a refined version for your approval. With inclusive features well-suited to all skill levels, AutoDraw ensures everyone can enhance their creative endeavors.

Clever and transformative, AutoDraw effortlessly converts simple sketches into sophisticated artwork.

Top Autodraw Use Cases for Churches:

  • Create captivating drawings to effectively promote upcoming events.
  • Craft engaging and eye-catching social media content through artistic designs.
  • Develop distinct and appealing logos for each ministry within your church.

Pricing and details

Autodraw is free. Read the AI for Churches team’s full evaluation here:

Image-creation AI Tools to Try in 2024

The four AI-based tools we’ve covered are revolutionizing the art and design sphere, providing accessible and efficient solutions for churches to refine their visual messaging. Every platform is different and has distinct strengths and weaknesses, with new platforms coming out daily. If you want to dig deeper, check out this great Medium article by Rob Laughter.

Embrace this technology, and your church can foster enhanced community engagement and communication, regardless of limitations in budget for creative resources and in-house graphic design capabilities. Take the leap and jump into Generative AI art. It’s a beautiful world.

If your church is looking to get started with AI but doesn’t know where to begin, we’d love to help. Reach out and let’s chat.

Note: The information provided is offered to help you research. Pricing and terms for any technology can change without notice. All information should be vetted on the company’s home product page.