Churches worldwide place a lot of weight on the pastor’s sermon each week. It’s often the most valued avenue for discipleship, spiritual encouragement, vision, and communication for the church. Speakers spend 15-25 hours each week writing their sermons and churches invest a large part of their budget each year paying the preacher.

The advent of AI has made it possible for church leaders to take less time than ever to help their church sermons live beyond Sunday. AI platforms have been popping up, promising sermon clips and content. In this article, we’ll review four AI sermon clipping platforms: Munch, Sermon Shots, Opus Clip, and

The Benefits of Using AI Clips for Sermons

Before comparing AI sermon-clipping platforms, it’s important to understand the benefits of creating AI sermon snippets each week.

AI sermon clips save time

Up until recently, for a church to create sermon clips, they needed to subscribe to an expensive platform and pay an expert each week to spend hours creating a few sermon snippets. This process took a lot of time and money, most churches couldn’t afford to give. This often meant a pastor’s sermon was passionately given each weekend, and promptly placed on a shelf, never to be mentioned again. AI sermon clipping platforms have changed everything.

New AI platforms have made it possible for a church leader to take about 30 minutes each week to create vibrant sermon clips that will keep each week’s sermon on the minds of congregants and in the community well beyond Sunday. Using these platforms will save pastors a significant amount of time each week.

AI sermon clips multiply sermon impact

These short snippets can be placed on every social media platform, multiplying the impact of each sermon. While a weekend message may be preached to a few hundred in a local community, a sermon clip can minister to thousands across the country.

This immediately multiplies a pastor’s impact with each sermon. Investing in creating sermon snippets each week helps increase the return invested in the pastor preaching for a church. If a church is already investing a large portion of their budget in sermon creation, they might as well also invest in maximizing the amount of people who can learn and grow spiritually from hearing that sermon content.

AI sermon clips increase church awareness

Each sermon clip will also introduce people to the church and should include a link where a person can watch or listen to the entire message. This means more awareness of the church’s existence online, more clicks to the website, and ultimately, more people engaging with the church’s ministry. Of course, the ultimate goal is for more people to attend in person and online.

But, in order for anyone to attend a local church, they must first know that the church exists. Social media posts that include sermon content is an important way to introduce local people to a local church. A short sermon snippet may be the first way a local person hears about a church, followed by watching services online. Eventually, a person may consider actually attending in person.

Comparing 4 AI Sermon Clip Platforms

Choosing which AI sermon-snipping platforms to explore and compare was difficult. However, we chose 4 that are commonly seen in the church space, Munch, Sermon Shots, Opus Clip, and In order to compare the platforms, we allowed people to vote on their favorite clips, created by the platforms and other featured strengths are mentioned below.

Voting on the Best AI Sermon Snippets

We created a short survey where people could vote on their favorite clip from each of the top sermon-snipping platforms. This survey is still open and you can vote for your favorite clip here.

In creating snippets from each sermon, it was interesting that all 4 platforms chose different clips as their highest-rated clips. There were similarities to clips found in the 5-6 highest-rated clips for each platform. Although I may not have chosen the top-rated clip of each, I found one of the top 2-3 to be very effective and used it with little manipulation for the survey.

Sample Clips From Each Platform

Clip #1 =

Clip #2 = Opus Clip

Clip #3 = Munch

Clip #4 = Sermon Shots

Survey Discussion

Clip #4- Sermon Shots won with over 40% of the vote. However, it’s worth noting that almost 20% of respondents didn’t feel there was a large gap between the clips. There was little difference between the caption type and placement for each of the four platforms. A church logo and simple background were added to the Sermon Shots clip, helping it to stand out slightly more than the other clips.

The team at Missional Marketing who coaches churches offered commentary on the clips and found the clips very similar. They felt clip #1 ( was a little too long. Clip #3 (Munch) and clip #4 (Sermon Shots) had the best speaker tracking technology.

Comparison Overview

No platform is perfect and the AI video-clipping technology is developing all the time. Overall, all four platforms are reasonable options for any churches trying to create sermon clips. But, below are a few ways each platform sticks out.

Best AI Sermon Clip Value

Opus Clip

AI Clips for Sermons

Opus Clip doesn’t have the most technology, customization, or features. However, it can create quality clips at a great price. Opus Clip costs between $9-$19/month. For thos exploring AI sermon-clipping for the first time, Opus Clip could be a great place to start.

Best AI Sermon Clip UX


Munch has a nice and clear homepage that shows every uploaded video. It’s easy to begin a new project and the multi-step process to upload a video is simple to use. Adding a brand is also easy to add for any church.

Once a clip is chosen, Sermon Shots is a clear runner-up. It’s easy to manipulate the colors and text on the chosen clip.

AI Clips for Sermons


Best AI Sermon Clip Features

Sermon Shots 

Sermon Shots offered the most robust features. These features include music, easily adding a logo, robust font-changing options, and the brand-new camera-crew feature. A person can also also add text boxes anywhere on the clip.


Price Comparisons

Any AI video-snipper service will cost around $30/month. Opus Clip is the exception, but that platform doesn’t offer the deep customization or technology of the other platforms.


Company $ / Month 

Opus Clip $9-$19 $32-$99

Sermon Shots $40-$70

Munch $49-$220

Sermon Clip Platform Takeaways

As video platforms like IG Reels, FB Reels, TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Snapchat Spotlight continue to grow, churches need to consider vertical form sermon content. AI platforms make creating clips easier than ever.

You may need to experiment with a platform or two before you find one you like, but you can’t go wrong with trying out any of the four mentioned in this post. Start with one platform and start clipping sermons this week.

AI Consultation

If your church is looking to increase the use of AI within your ministry, AI for Churches is here to help. We’d love to schedule an AI consult to chat through helping your church add AI to your church ministries.