Google Bard

What it does:

This tool writes content in a natural and conversational way based on your prompts.

What it is:

Google Bard is an AI chatbot that can generate text of all kinds, from blog posts to emails to creative writing. It is powered by Google’s vast knowledge base and can access up-to-date information from the web. This makes it a powerful tool for any writing and research needs.

Benefits you get:

It’s simple:

  • The UI design is pleasing to the eye
  • There is no membership cost or higher-tiers for higher quality results
  • Unlimited generations means you can keep getting new options all day long, refining it to be right for your church audience

Built by Google:

  • Think of Bard as your personal Googler. Over time, Bard will tailor results based on location, preferences, and behaviors 
  • Audio input provides accessibility for hands-free dictation
  • Unlike other platforms, Bard will read websites in real-time and include the latest information in its replies

Use cases for churches:

  • Craft social media content to grow your community and captivate your followers.
  • Increase engagement within your congregation through tailored email campaigns.
  • Get current, up-to-date blog ideas to engage a wider audience.

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  • Can generate multiple variations of a single output.

  • Outputs are based on Google and up-to-date data.

  • Can include images in its outputs.

  • Entirely free to use.



  • The generative abilities are limited.

  • Since Bard is in its beta phase, it may not provide the same level of accuracy as a fully-developed model.

  • There might be a slight dip in accuracy compared to other models as it sources its data from Google.



Ease of Use:  8 / 10
Quality of Output:  8 / 10
Customer Support:  8 / 10
Affordability:  10 / 10
Breadth of Features:  6 / 10
Ease of Setup:  10 / 10

Screenshots and/or Example Outputs

Screenshots and/or Example Outputs



  • Pricing:

Price for Google Bard

Free Trial?

Free Version Available?

Discount for Churches/Non-Profits?

  • Categories:

  1. Text & Writing
    • Copywriting
    • Email Assistant
    • General Writing
    • Paraphraser
    • Story Teller
    • Summarizer
  1. Marketing & Web
    • SEO
    • Social Media Assistant
    • Email Marketing
  2. Education & Information
    • AI Search Engines
    • Research
    • Resources
  1. Church Operations
  2. Sermon Inspiration



Google Bard, similar to ChatGPT, serves as a tool for your church to strengthen its connection with the congregation and attract new members. Although the platform doesn’t offer a plethora of features, it brings to the table the familiarity, simplicity, and updated knowledge of Google.

Need ideas for social media or blog topics? With Google Bard updating its understanding daily, you can simply prompt the chatbot for a list of current events relevant to your ministry. Want to enhance the impact of your upcoming event’s email campaigns? Ask the chatbot to generate email copy and suggest effective subject lines based on your event’s details.

When you start using Google Bard, you’ll need to log in with your Google account. After logging in, you can immediately start using the chatbot. You’ll see an empty field labeled “Enter a prompt here,” where you can ask your question. Google Bard will respond with an answer in seconds, and from there, begin diving deeper by asking additional prompts.

  • The information provided is offered to help you research. Pricing and terms for any technology can change without notice. All information should be vetted on the company’s home product page.

AI Helps You Save Time & Amplify YOUR Voice

AI Helps You Save Time & Amplify YOUR Voice

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