What it does:

This tool converts your lengthy videos into shorter clips, improving the accessibility and reach of your content.

What it is:

Munch is an AI platform that identifies and repurposes captivating, trending moments from your videos. It automatically generates captions and offers editing options using their library of filters, features, and music, before exporting the edited video in the correct format for your intended social media platform.

Benefits you get:

Save time editing content:

  • Munch features automatic editing, subtitle generation, with posting and publishing capabilities that can be a great help to sermon distribution
  • Automatically repurpose your sermons and other videos for different platforms or refreshing it later on without it looking like a repeated piece of content

Reach the right audience:

  • Sentiment can be analyzed helping you to create more engaging content based on the emotional tone
  • Based on your video’s topic, Munch can find the right keywords that are relevant to your content
  • When posting for social, post copy can be generated based on the content

Use cases for churches:

  • Create short, captivating videos from full-length sermons.
  • Use automatically generated copy and optimized hashtags in your captions that are tailored to your platform.
  • Share powerful, scroll-stopping moments from worship at your weekend services.

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  • Saves you a significant amount of time.

  • User-friendly video editor with automatic caption generation, smart cropping, and other useful features.

  • Seamless integration with popular social media platforms.

  • AI-powered enhancements such as color correction, stabilization, and noise reduction.

  • Little to no learning curve.



  • Limited advanced editing features.

  • Audio quality appears inconsistent.

  • Doesn’t allow much control over the output.

  • Potential over-reliance on automation.



Ease of Use:  10 / 10
Quality of Output:  9 / 10
Customer Support:  9 / 10
Affordability:  7 / 10
Breadth of Features:  9 / 10
Ease of Setup:  10 / 10
Analytics:  10 / 10

Screenshots and/or Example Outputs

Screenshots and/or Example Outputs



  • Pricing:

Price for Munch
Starts at $49/month

Free Trial?

Free Version Available?
Yes – only limited, basic features available.

Discount for Churches/Non-Profits?

  • Categories:

  1. Audio & Music
    • Transcriber
  2. Video & Animation
    • Personalized Videos
    • Video Editing
    • Video Generator
  1. Marketing & Web
    • SEO
    • Social Media Assistant
  2. Education & Information
    • AI Search Engines
    • Research
  1. Church Operations
  2. Sermon Inspiration



Munch is a powerful tool that can take your videos and repurpose them to engage your followers on social media. Most churches have sermons and worship in their services every week. With this tool, you can take your already-existing content and turn it into opportunities to engage your followers and reach new ones.

By taking your full-length sermons and transforming them into several bite-size snippets for social media, you’ll have a greater chance of being boosted in algorithms and reaching new people. Munch will even create captions and hashtags for your videos that are specifically tailored to your social platform.

To get started, simply create a project, select the platforms you want the content created for, add a file or YouTube URL, and allow Munch to begin the process. Once the video is finalized, you can select one of the created moments, make any edits you see fit, export, and share across social media.

  • The information provided is offered to help you research. Pricing and terms for any technology can change without notice. All information should be vetted on the company’s home product page.

AI Helps You Save Time & Amplify YOUR Voice

AI Helps You Save Time & Amplify YOUR Voice

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