What it does:

This tool transcribes audio and video into text.

What it is:

Rev is a powerful transcription tool that can transform your audio or video content into accurate text format in a matter of minutes. Whether it’s teaching sermons from the weekend services, important meetings throughout the week, or moments of worship and songwriting, Rev is a valuable asset to have at your disposal.

Benefits you get:

  • Saves you time
  • Increases sermon reach
  • Increase productivity / output

Use cases for churches:

  • Transcribe full weekend sermons to create a database/catalog of teachings that you can revisit during your sermon preparation process.
  • Utilize the Summary tool to generate 1-2 sentence descriptions for use on YouTube, Facebook, and any other platforms where your sermons are publicly available.
  • Record and transcribe important meetings to revisit them without the need to take notes throughout the entire duration.

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  • 90%+ accuracy with automated transcriptions.

  • Native editing tool with read-along tracking and timestamps.

  • Summary tool for quick and easy all-encompassing descriptions.

  • Download and export in PDF, Plain Text, or Microsoft Word formats.

  • Store and organize all your files in one convenient place.

  • Easily drag and drop files, or copy and paste YouTube links to be transcribed.



  • Limit of 1,200 automated transcription minutes per month.

  • While automated transcriptions are 90%+ accurate, some light review and editing is usually required.

  • Human transcriptions are available and 99% accurate, but are quite expensive, even with a Rev Max subscription.



Ease of Use:  9 / 10
Quality of Output:  9 / 10
Customer Support:  9 / 10
Affordability:  8 / 10
Breadth of Features:  8 / 10
Ease of Setup:  9 / 10

Screenshots and/or Example Outputs

Screenshots and/or Example Outputs



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Rev is a must-have tool to include in your arsenal. In just 5 minutes, your entire Sunday sermon can be transcribed with 90%+ accuracy and utilized in public sermon library descriptions, social media, or even in your personal sermon database. Rev also offers a helpful Summary tool that can condense your entire teaching into a single sentence. This is excellent copy for SEO, excerpts, and quick and easy descriptions.

To get started with Rev, create an account using your email address and accept the free trial. Then, drag and drop your file or simply copy and paste a YouTube link into the AI Transcription section. After 5 minutes, your transcript will be ready to view and edit as needed.

  • The information provided is offered to help you research. Pricing and terms for any technology can change without notice. All information should be vetted on the company’s home product page.

AI Helps You Save Time & Amplify YOUR Voice

AI Helps You Save Time & Amplify YOUR Voice

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