As January approaches, all sorts of ‘highlight reel’ content will be hitting screens. The top sports plays of the year, the biggest trends of 2023, and countdowns on favorite songs and movies. For technology developers, highlights look a little different. Like with SermonSpark – the ultimate AI powered sermon support tool Missional Marketing launched this year. SermonSpark was created to help pastors overcome writer’s block, conduct effective research, and extend God’s message across digital channels. In looking at the numbers, we’re excited to say SermonSpark is hitting those goals.

So what does the data tell us? What tools do you love most, and when are you most likely to log in? Read on for SermonSpark’s 2023 highlight reel!

-950 Users Strong!
Since launching, 951 people registered for SermonSpark. That 1,000 user mark is so close!

-Tuesday is the Busiest Day for SermonSpark Usage
Tuesday was our busiest day in terms of tool usage this year, just barely edging out Wednesday by the smallest of margins. These two midweek days being the most popular seems intuitive to us, given typical pastor scheduling patterns.

-11 Tools Within the App
SermonSpark launched with seven tools across three areas: Research, Writing, and Reach. Today, there are 11 – with more on the horizon. But which of these tools are most popular? If you had taken bets from our development team during the summer about which tool within the platform would see the most use through the end of year, I can say with confidence we all would have lost. Read on for the Top 3 SermonSpark Tools of 2023!

Number 3: Find Verses for Topic

Research Tool

748 uses

We’re not surprised that users find immense value in using AI to help them locate Bible verses for a given topic. This was actually the very first Research tool the SermonSpark team developed.

On the other hand, what has surprised us is that this tool received the strongest user feedback ratio of any of our tools. That means the ratio of users who gave the feature a ‘thumbs up’ versus a ‘thumbs down’ was the best out of all our tools. Given the nature (and potential weaknesses) of the generative AI models at play, this is an extremely reassuring development for our team.

Three of the most popular themes in this tool’s prompts include: Marriage/Love, Burnout/Mental Health, and Spiritual Growth.

Number 2: Creative Sermon Titles

Writing Tool

1,155 uses

The Creative Sermon Titles tool was the very first functionality we ever built within the original prototype of SermonSpark. It felt like an obvious place to start because it was a relatively small and simple ask of an AI model. But it’s an ask that also played into the strengths of a generative large language model (LLM). For that reason, it makes a lot of sense to us that many users try out this tool as their “maiden voyage” within the platform. It’s a tool meant to get your creativity flowing.

[Cue drumroll, please, as we announce the top tool SermonSpark users can’t get enough of.]

Number 1: Sermon Outline Generator

Writing Tool

1,575 uses

Our most used tool to date — by a wide margin — is the Sermon Outline Generator.

There’s no denying the appeal of having AI produce a cohesive sermon outline, certainly. That being said, when developing the initial suite of tools our line of thought saw something different happening. We envisioned people trying out multiple Research type tools to prep and brainstorm. And then the ideas raised during Research would lead them into a single use of the Sermon Outline Generator. Clearly, that hasn’t been the case so far!

As this tool is perhaps SermonSpark’s most complex — and certainly the most expensive to operate — we’re thrilled it’s serving users well in preparing your weekly messages.

Our Last Highlight: The Topic Explorer Tool 

Don’t forget that Topic Explorer launched in November. This tool provides insight into what questions and perspectives you could be considering in exploring a given topic more deeply. We’ve had 200+ users give it a try so far. Which makes us think that if it had launched back in the summer it might be right up there in the Top 3. Give it a try and let us know if it saves you time and boosts your creativity!

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