Easter: more people will show up at your church on this day than any other day of the year. Your services, in-person and online, take a lot of time to plan. One important piece of the Easter service is your sermon and it’ll take specific planning to make it special.

SermonSpark’s 4-Step Easter AI Sermon Playbook can help you make the most of your time, and generate some new ideas. Read on!

Easter AI Sermon Inspiration and Organization

  • Step 1: Start a new folder in SermonSpark and label it Easter 2024. Save everything you do into this folder, so it’s all easy to find. Below are some examples of how to arrange your Project.

easter ai sermon

  • Step 2: Research using the free tools within SermonSpark. Some examples are below to get you started. Be sure to save any results into your Easter projects folders.
    • Topic Explorer
      • Enter the below words into the Topic Explorer tool to either get you started on new research, or dig deeper into themes already on your mind.
        • Resurrection, Empty Tomb, Unexpected Joy During Easter
    • Find Verses for Topic
      • Enter the topic of “the resurrection” or similar into the tool to be presented with some verses that explore the importance of Easter.
    • News Story Finder
      • The News Story Finder can help you bring a variety of resources and viewpoints into your sermon preparation. For example, looking up ‘5 news stories about Easter in 2024’ brings up the following:
        • 50 Best Easter Songs – Worship Music for Easter 2024
        • Best children’s books about Easter
        • A New York Times article about how younger Christians are rethinking or reclaiming Lent.
  • Step 3: Start writing.
    • Put your top ideas into the Sermon Outline Generator (SermonSpark’s most-used tool!) for some AI assistance with your outline. You can then take the outline and spend your time finessing, customizing, and personalizing everything.
  • Bonus: Since you saved all your earlier work into Projects, you can easily jump back into those files to cut-and-paste quotes and information you found during researching.
  • See the example below:

  • Step 4: Further your reach.
    • Next, draft discussion questions that can be used at groups throughout the weeks after your Easter sermon. With SermonSpark’s Group Question Generator, you can enter your final Easter sermon topic or any Bible verses you used, and you’ll get back 10 Bible study discussion questions. Try taking one of the original discussion questions SermonSpark provides and then generating questions based solely on that topic. It can help you go deeper, quickly.
    • Make social a breeze with SermonSpark’s Social Media Post Ideas tool. You can stay high-level and focus on generating awareness of your upcoming Easter sermon topic. Or, try using some of your Group Discussion Questions to generate social media-worthy content you can post to your feeds to continue the conversation.

The Best Part: SermonSpark is free to use

If you’re already a SermonSpark subscriber, you know that using all of the tools noted above costs you nothing. You also know that since it’s an app, you can use it wherever you have wifi. If you’re not a SermonSpark subscriber, what are you waiting for? You can read more about it and watch a short overview video here. Then, sign up to get sermon preparation support in the palm of your hand – and an app that gives you back your most limited resource: Time.

All of it, just weeks before Easter. #win-win.