The AI for Churches Podcast
The AI for Churches Podcast
Ep. 2: Streamlining Church Operations & Processes with AI: A Deep Dive

Episode Description 

Discover how AI is making waves in an unexpected sphere: church operations. Dive deep into this tech revolution with our host Cassandra Robinson and guest Jason Collier, a Senior Web Developer at Missional Marketing. Together, they explore how AI can enhance congregation engagement, boost church attendance, and support pastors in their roles.

Jason shares his passion for leveraging AI within churches and introduces his innovative Sermon Spark app. The duo discuss how AI enhances efficiency, self-educates, and evolves, all while highlighting the importance of human intuition and fact-checking. They also tackle the myth that AI leads to job loss.

Key insights 

[08:59] – “Generative AI isn’t about replacing humans; it’s about enhancing their efficiency.” 

[11:56] – “For a system to be considered AI, it must learn, adapt, and educate itself autonomously.” 

[28:50] – “Popular speech generation tools can mimic a person’s speech, offering a personalized touch.”

Episode Highlights 

(02:14) Jason’s journey into AI for churches 

(04:39) Introduction to the Sermon Spark App 

(05:46) Behind the scenes of the Sermon Spark App development 

(07:09) A look at pastors’ weekly sermon prep time 

(08:55) The transformative role of generative AI in sermon preparation and delivery 

(11:33) Distinguishing AI from Automation 

(14:54) The potential of generative AI 

(17:12) Exploring coaching AI with personas 

(20:46) The limits of ChatGPT 3.5 and other large language models

Join us as we delve into the intersection of technology and faith, exploring how AI can benefit not just our work and play but our spiritual lives too.

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