The AI for Churches Podcast
The AI for Churches Podcast
Ep. 10: Why Churches Should Value Technology in an AI World: David Kroll of Churchome

Episode Overview

Churchome CEO David Kroll joins the AI for Churches podcast to talk about all things technology – particularly AI – when it comes to enhancing the church’s mission in post-physical settings. New podcast hosts Pastor Bart Blair and Pastor David Thorne, Ed.D., kick off the episode chatting about top-performing AI video editing tools, and the role of AI in studying scripture and preparing sermons.


AI Video Creation Tools the Hosts are Using

When it comes to AI video creation tools, Biteable and Vidyo.AI are ones the hosts have tried. Catch the full episode to learn more about Bart and David’s thoughts on each tool’s strengths, weaknesses, editability, and best practices for utilizing them.


Using AI for Sermon Preparation: Always a Hot Button Topic

Join the hosts as they talk about a recent podcast episode by Ed Stetzer and Scott Ray, countering their concerns about AI being used for sermon preparations. Bart and David offer many ways AI can properly and ethically be utilized for sermon preparation, including brainstorming titles and outlines, finding illustrations, and more.


Up Close and Personal with David Kroll, Churchome CEO

In the second half of the episode, David sits down with Churchome CEO David Kroll. It’s a double-David discussion you don’t want to miss. They cover everything from Churchome as an organization to the role and intricacies of technology––particularly AI––in enhancing the church’s mission in a post-physical setting.


Notable Quotes

  • Bart at [23:00] – “There’s a difference between AI-generated content and AI-assisted content, and I think that’s really where you’re going to go with talking about how people can better use AI tools.”
  • David at [26:45] – “If you seek the Lord and you’re contemplative about what you’re writing before AI, then AI is just a tool that becomes a part of your process, and you’re going to do that after AI.”
  • David Kroll at [42:25] – “We used the acceleration of technology within faith and faith engagement to further the tailwind that we had as a community to align to the vision that God had given us for a church community.”
  • David Kroll at [53:58] – “Technology is a significant tool that does not replace the things that we’ve used in the past. It actually only makes them more potent and gives us an opportunity to eliminate barriers where people had them previously to enter into those building spaces.”
  • David Kroll at [57:08] – “I would say when it comes to artificial intelligence, specifically, it’s about taking a look at what we want to see accomplished in people’s lives and how we can help them facilitate movement across that spectrum, which has measured our faith growth.”


Episode Highlights

  • (1:03) Introduction to Bart Blair and David Thorne as the new hosts of the AI for Churches Podcast
  • (6:26) Bart and David’s picks for useful AI video-editing tools
  • (15:13) Discussion about using AI for sermon prep based on Ed Stetzer’s podcast featuring Scott Ray
  • (40:08) Intro to David Kroll, Churchome, and what it’s about.
  • (48:42) The context of Churchome and its mission in relation to exploring AI tools
  • (56:00) Where Churchome is currently at with implementing AI tools in furthering its mission.
  • (1:02:16) David Kroll’s idea of what an ideal church app does
  • (1:05:41) David Kroll’s thoughts on using AI for guided prayer creation
  • (1:11:14) A ChatGPT practice tip


Resources & Links

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