The AI for Churches Podcast
The AI for Churches Podcast
Ep. 13: Expanding Sermon Impact: Harnessing Short-Form Video Power with Corey Alderin

Episode Overview

Corey Alderin, CEO, and co-founder of SermonShots, joins the AI for Churches podcast to discuss the rising trend of short-form videos. The conversation delves into the significance of incorporating this trend to enhance sermon reach through AI. Hosts Pastor Bart Blair and Pastor David Thorne, Ed.D., also share insights into recent AI tools they’ve used. Additionally, they explore perspectives on a prevalent Christian belief regarding the use of AI in advancing the mission of churches.


Game-Changing AI Tools for Graphic Generation

In today’s digital landscape, visual content holds immense importance. That said, for churches seeking efficiency in graphic content creation, leveraging cutting-edge tools like Photoshop’s generative feature, alongside image generation tools from Meta, Bing, and Ideogram, can be invaluable. Join Pastors Bart and David as they dissect the functionalities and benefits of each of these tools.

Christian Views on Churches’ Use of AI

The hosts analyze a recent study showing most Christians are uncomfortable with pastors using AI, especially for full services or sermons. They argue responsible guidance and ethics are needed as AI integrates into common tools.

Talking Short-Form Vertical Videos With Corey Alderin

In the concluding segment, David engages in a candid conversation with Corey Alderin, CEO, and co-founder of SermonShots. Together, they delve into the mission and philosophy driving SermonShots, emphasizing the significance of integrating AI-assisted short-form videos to enhance the efficiency of spreading sermons within church communities.


Notable Quotes

  • David at [11:25] – “I think that we as pastors have a responsibility to have our own view of AI and be able to disciple and shepherd our flock to inform them on this topic and other topics like it so that our sheep don’t jump off into the ravine headfirst time and time again on a topic like this.”
  • Bart at [12:22] – “For a lot of people, the idea that [AI] used to only be science fiction our whole lives almost feels like the End Times, Mark of the Beast––all that stuff.”
  • David at [15:54] – “We have to understand that AI tools are magic tools in our toolbox and the toolbox is getting bigger and bigger and bigger.” 
  • Corey at [34:27] – “Short form video is really where most of the reach on social media is happening––not just for churches, but all social media.”
  • Corey at [35:37]: “Churches that aren’t doing [sermon clips] are missing out on a huge opportunity.”
  • Corey at [43:17] – “There’s more you can do––video-wise––with your sermon.”
  • David at [46:58] – “The sad thing is that most churches or pastors will spend 20-30 hours a week working on [sermons], present them, close the book on them, put them on the shelf and never think about them again.“


Episode Highlights

  • (2:15) Discussion on Recently Used AI Tools
  • (10:12) Christian Views on Churches’ Use of AI
  • (22:48) Intro to Corey Alderin
  • (28:04) About SermonShots and AI’s Role in it
  • (32:02) Why SermonShots Turned to AI
  • (34:19) Why Churches Should Embrace Vertical Sermon Clips
  • (41:26) What’s Next for SermonShots?
  • (44:46) The SermonShots Process


Resources & Links

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