The AI for Churches Podcast
The AI for Churches Podcast
Ep. 15: AI Image Generation Tools for Churches | Jason Moore

Episode Overview

Jason Moore, Founder of Midnight Oil Productions, joins the AI for Churches Podcast to shed light on all things related to AI image generation within the context of supporting church ministries, including viable tools for sermon and scripture illustration, and effective prompt writing for creating unique, custom visuals. Hosts pastor Bart Blair and Pastor David Thorne, Ed.D., also share their thoughts on the timely issue surrounding AI bias towards Christianity.


Weighing in on AI Bias Towards Christianity

Although all AI tools are perfected through real-world data reflecting prevalent human worldviews, they don’t have any inherent biases towards Christianity. Tune into this episode as Pastors Bart and David share insights on how you can condition AI to better align with your Church’s brand and target audience.


Leveraging AI for Compelling Visual Content With Jason Moore

David Thorne dives into the art of optimizing AI image generation with Jason Moore, Founder of Midnight Oil Productions. They discuss tips on how to write effective prompts, practical applications of image generation in advancing the mission of church ministries, and more.


Notable Quotes

  • Jason at [39:17] – “AI generators have trained on real images and will make something that looks convincingly like a photo that was taken during that original time period.”
  • Jason at [41:04]: “Don’t just tell, but show, and people are 400 times more likely to remember whatever that story was that you told.”
  • Jason at [44:52] – “Sometimes, one image can bring [a story] to life in a way that really just Moves you.”
  • Jason at [53:38] – “If [AI] understands what it’s trying to capture, the better [output] you get.“


Episode Highlights

  • (2:12) About AI Bias Towards Christianity
  • (27:00) Getting to Know Jason Moore
  • (31:20) The Buzz around AI Image Generation
  • (40:04) AI Image Generation Applications in Church Ministries
  • (50:19) Effective AI Image Generation Prompt Writing Tips
  • (1:00:44) The Current State of AI Video Generation
  • (1:06:51) What’s Next for Jason Moore


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