The AI for Churches Podcast
The AI for Churches Podcast
Ep. 16: Pioneering AI Solutions for the Church | Steele Billings

Episode Overview

Steele Billings, Head of AI & Investments at Gloo, hops on the AI for Churches Podcast to discuss the company’s mission, philosophy, and efforts to ethically and responsibly harness AI for church growth and outreach. Hosts Bart Blair and Pastor David Thorne, Ed.D., also introduce an intriguing AI tool and revisit the timely topic of AI in sermon creation.

Drawing the Line Between AI-Assisted & AI-Generated Content

Bart and David reiterate the importance of embracing the responsible use of AI, especially in sermon creation, asserting that AI is best used as a brainstorming and efficiency tool. Tune into this episode to glean more insights.

Understanding What it Means to Fuel Passion & Champion Growth With Steele Billings

David Thorne delves into Gloo’s innovative AI and the Church initiative in a compelling conversation with Steele Billings, Head of AI & Investments. They explore Gloo’s mission to harness advanced technologies for personal development and ministry, the company’s foray into AI, the groundbreaking Hackathon event, and their dedication to promoting ethical guidelines and resources for responsible AI use in churches.

Notable Quotes

  • Steele at [19:40] – “We pursue how the most advanced technologies in the world could be used to help people grow.”
  • Steele at [25:50] – “How might we be a force collectively as the Big C church to say, ‘Hey, God is not surprised by AI and we should pursue his purposes for artificial intelligence’?”
  • Steele at [35:41] – “For perhaps the first time in any of our lifetimes, technology is at a place where people are starting to question things that the Bible says a whole lot about…”
  • Steele at [53:09] – “[AI] is going to help us create value that we were never able to create before…”

Episode Highlights

  • (2:07) AI Buzz: Music Creation
  • (9:54) AI and Sermon Ownership
  • (19:01) About Gloo
  • (28:05) Recapping the Hackathon
  • (45:26) What’s Next for Gloo?
  • (54:59) Church-Related Problem/s that Need/s Fixing
  • (1:03:19) Must-Knows Before Teaming Up with Gloo

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Dr. David Thorne