Ep. 6: God, Gutenberg, and Google: The Evolution of Sermons in the AI Era with Jason Hamrock
The AI for Churches Podcast
Ep 6: God, Gutenberg, and Google: The Evolution of Sermons in the AI Era with Jason Hamrock

Episode Summary

Join host Cassandra Robinson and Jason Hamrock, CEO of Missional Marketing, as they dive deep into the fascinating world of AI and its potential to revolutionize church outreach and sermon preparation.

Embracing AI in Church Outreach

Just as the Gutenberg press and the internet transformed the church, AI is poised to be the next game-changer. Jason and Cassandra discussed how AI can be a powerful tool to spread the gospel, if used responsibly and ethically.

AI and Church Jobs

While AI can streamline tasks like graphic design or sermon research, it won’t replace the human connection and soulful aspects of ministry. Jason and Cassandra emphasized the importance of staying informed about AI advancements without feeling overwhelmed.

AI as Pastors’ Assistant

AI can help pastors streamline time-consuming tasks, allowing them to focus more on meaningful work. They discussed the importance of pastors being knowledgeable about AI and seeking trusted sources to shape their opinions.

AI Tools in Church Community

Jason and Cassandra explored how AI tools can be used to streamline programming tasks and provide comprehensive responses to specific prompts. They encouraged pastors to explore AI resources and engage in conversations with others in the community.

Overcoming Resistance to New Tools

Jason and Cassandra discussed the importance of stepping outside of one’s comfort zone and embracing AI tools like Sermon Spark, a free tool designed to help pastors be more efficient in sermon preparation.

Notable Quotes

  • Jason at [23:24] – “AI’s role in ministry is not to replace the pulpit, but to empower the preacher with new insights and perspectives.”
  • Jason at [09:36] – “Just as the printing press transformed communication, AI is reshaping how we shepherd souls in the digital age.”
  • Jason at [17:05] – “AI, like every tool we’ve encountered before, is a blank canvas awaiting the strokes of purposeful hands to create masterpieces of ministry.”

Episode Highlights

  • (02:23) Jason’s background
  • (05:13) Using AI for sermon prep and outreach and moving people from awareness to attendance
  • (08:07) Embracing change and leveraging AI responsibly
  • (11:06) The Internet’s Impact on Church
  • (12:13) AI as a tool for Good
  • (14:08) AI’s Impact on church jobs
  • (21:44) The importance of AI as a powerful assistant
  • (22:14) Pastors’ ethics and knowledge about AI
  • (23:47) The role of AI in congregations
  • (32:48) How AI is rapidly affecting the church
  • (36:48) Advice on how to train your brain to effectively use AI tools
  • (42:23) The importance of embracing AI
  • (42:46) Sermon Spark
  • (44:22) Future plans for Sermon Spark

Please join the conversation and let’s explore together how we can leverage AI for good in the church. And don’t forget to check out Sermon Spark and provide your feedback. Your input can help shape this tool to better serve our mission.

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